Sol de Cuba

Pablo Terry and Sol de Cuba - Little Italy Festival 2012

Pablo Terry: Flute, Maracas, Lead Vocals

Rufino Maceiro: Trumpet, Congas, Vocals

Pancho Galván: Guitar, Lead Vocals

Jilian Cordero: Bass, Vocals

Ersidio Tamayo: Piano, Vocals

It’s a hot Cuban night – Afro-Cuban drums weave a torrid tempo… A flute pierces – a silver arrow, reaching its mark… People dance – heeding primal rhythms that beat deep within the soul… Seductive Salsa makes hips churn – bodies yearn – people dance spell-bound by sight and sound from the stage… The band leader flashes a smile, raises flute to lips… Congas, timbal, bongos and drums drive… A horn insinuates, piano, guitar and bass tease the rhythm… Dancers, hot tropical delights, sweep across the stage… and still the people dance…