Pablo Terry



Pablo Terry’s warm, winning smile, dynamic stage presence and musical dexterity leave audiences happy, excited and wanting more…

Born in Cuba, he received his musical training in the Cuban Army and at the renowned Escuela de Artes in Havana.

After his six-year career in the army, he went on to perform for two years at the famous Club Tropicana and for thirteen years at the International de Varadero shows, where he won the hearts of tourists.

Pablo Terry has played with many great Cuban artists, including Celia Cruz, Compay Segundo of Buena Vista Social Club, Omara Portuondo, and Los Papines, to name but a few.

He has also played at Ronnie Scott’s, in London, England and for Luciano Pavarotti’s birthday party in Modena, Italy. Among the guests was Princess Diana.

A serious musician, Pablo Terry plays for both his love of the music and his love of the audiences he plays for.

Pablo Terry Combo

Pablo began his love affair with the flute as a young child in his grandfather’s sugar cane fields, in Cuba. There, he would make flutes out of Caña Brava, which are dried stalks of sugar cane. These lay strewn all over the fields, broken and blown by hurricane winds.

Pablo Terry & Sol de Cuba was contracted by Labatt to be the official Cuban band to promote “Cerveza Cristal”, in Canada.

Every year Pablo is a regular performer at annual CCFA (Canadian Cuban Friendship Association) events, like the Jose Marti Dinner/Dance in February, the late July Boat Cruise and the Canadian Cuban Friendship Day, at Nathan Phillip’s Square, in August, among other events.

Throughout the year, Street Festivals, Corporate BBQs, Client Appreciation, Christmas and Holiday parties are among the kinds of events Pablo plays.

Pablo is also in demand for private parties. There’s nowhere he can’t fit the band into your home or office!

Pablo plays with a variety of musicians, especially with Rufino Maceiro (trumpet/congas), Jilian Cordero (Bass) and Pancho Galván (guitar).

Club Banana

Pablo Terry’s Career Highlights

1972 – 1978 Cuban Army – Cuban Military Band in Havana

1978 – 1980 Club Tropicana Orchestra “Carnaval De Lecuona” floor show conducted by Maesto Norma Milanes

1980 – 1981 Cuban National Circus Tour

1981 – 1994 International Hotel in Varadero

1981 – 1994 Concurrently toured throughout England, Europe (Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland) Russia, Turkey, Greece, Martinique, Nicaragua, Guadalupe, Honduras, Canada… and many more countries…

1994 Emigrated to Canada from Cuba

1994 – Present Festivals, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and throughout Ontario.

Pablo Terry in Italy

Moving to Canada

When Pablo Terry stepped off the plane, at Pearson International Airport, on a cold April day, in 1995, he ‘couldn’t imagine’ what the future held hidden from him in his new life in Canada. He had just come off a six month tour in Turkey, playing an exclusive resort on the Black Sea. Cuba had been good for his musical career and he and his band, Soles de Cuba, had acted as Cuban musical ambassadors to over fifty countries, but it was Canada that impressed him the most and where he decided to make his life.

Pablo had an illustrious musical career in Cuba, which began with six years in the Cuban Army, followed by two years at the famous Club Tropicana, in Havana, along with performing throughout the world with Celia Cruz, Los Papines, Compay Segundo and Omara Portundo, to name a few. On one of his tours to Italy, he was asked to bring his band to play for Luciano Pavarotti’s fiftieth birthday in Modena, where Princess Diana and her friends danced to the Cuban rhythms. When asked about that experience he said, “It was like any birthday party. They rented a big hall and had a party, with everybody having a good time, eating and drinking and dancing”. This is classic Pablo Terry, the great equalizer, never seeing class or colour or creed, but embracing everybody, announcing himself, onstage, as a ‘citizen of the world” performing his best, no matter where he is.

So, with Pablo’s talent and affable nature, it didn’t take long for him to become involved with Toronto’s music community. He hooked up with Manuel Piedre, a great conguero, who led his own band, Sonora Habanera. They played a lot of events and clubs, including a popular dance spot, Xango, on John Street. Pablo, who plays a great jazz flute, also plays a lot of jazz gigs.

Pablo Terry Flauta

After playing with other musicians, it didn’t take Pablo too long to resurrect his band and his own personal style of playing the traditional Cuban music he loves so well. Soles de Cuba became Sol de Cuba, and five CDs later, Pablo Terry is a highly sought after performer who has played everything from backyard BBQs, Street Festivals and corporate events to The Four Seasons, where, at a private party given by “The Great One”, Wayne Gretzky got on stage with Pablo to play maracas.   What is most important to Pablo Terry is his music and sharing it with the world, which he wishes to do with his latest CD, Street Dance, a compilation of music his fans have requested over the years. His other CDs, La Vida Es Un Sueño, Christmas Flute, South America Sensual and Una Mañana are instrumental CDs, focusing on music from traditional Cuban Danzon and salsa to Brazilian, South American and traditional Christmas music. Street Dance is a departure from the first four CDs in that it’s a party CD, with an international flavour…and Pablo sings on this one, showcasing his talent as, not only a consummate flutist, but as a singer of note.

More than anything, Pablo Terry wants to leave a legacy of music. He will continue to produce his CDs and is planning to venture out, once again, on tour to promote his music.

Pablo Terry Private Party